The Pulpit Project

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.”
2 Timothy 2:15

Why We Exist

The Pulpit Project exists to help train men to preach the Word of God effectively. We desire to help bridge the gap between seminary education and pulpit effectiveness by providing students preaching opportunities with meaningful feedback and practical instruction.


Our Core Beliefs

The Pulpit Project was birthed from three core beliefs:

First, preaching is essential. It is through the foolishness of preaching that God has chosen to “re-speak” what He has already spoken.

Second, preaching can be done poorly. If Paul implores Timothy to handle the Word of truth “rightly”, certainly it is possible to handle the Word of truth “wrongly”.

Third, preaching rightly requires work. Paul encourages Timothy to do his best as a preacher, implying significant effort. We believe that working at preaching requires more than learning about the Bible in general or learning about preaching in specific. Working at preaching requires preaching.


What We Are Not

1. The Pulpit Project is not a holistic pastoral ministry internship. Preaching is only a part of pastoral ministry. Aspiring pastors should pursue other opportunities to prepare for other aspects of pastoral ministry (ask about a pastoral internship at Belmar Baptist). Nevertheless, the Pulpit Project intends to serve an important (and often neglected) function in pastoral development by providing practical training in preaching.

2. The Pulpit Project is not a preaching laboratory. Preaching opportunities with the Pulpit Project will take place in a real local church. Belmar Baptist Church is real church with real people. Therefore, applicants must agree to several requirements:


What We Require

1. You must visit a regular worship service prior to your first preaching opportunity. Biblical preaching can never truly be divorced from the context of the hearers. Therefore, you will do well to consider the context at Belmar Baptist Church prior to preaching the Word to her people.

Click here for service time information.

2. You must preach from a pre-assigned text. Part of the pastor’s responsibility is to shepherd the flock. This includes prayerfully and carefully preparing her diet in the Word of God. Therefore, the pastor will assign your text in order to ensure the congregation is not malnourished.

3. You must agree to stick to the text. The Pulpit Project is not an opportunity to preach pet doctrines or hobbyhorses. It is not the time to debate issues of Christian conscience. Your task is simple: faithfully explain the text.

4. You must strive to preach simply. Most churches are filled with simple people. The Pulpit Project is not a platform to impress others with your parsing abilities or your theological vocabulary. In an effort to help in this area, the pastor will offer some basic instructions on the elements of effective sermons before you begin your sermon preparation.

5. You must be teachable. The intent of the Pulpit Project is not to function as glorified pulpit supply. If you’re just looking for the occasional opportunity to preach, this is probably the wrong place. The purpose of the Pulpit Project is to train men to preach the Word of God effectively. Part of this training will include post-sermon feedback from the pastor.


Preaching mentoring

Men who sense a call to preach, but have had little opportunities to hone the craft of preaching

Belmar Baptist Church
4142 Monroe Avenue
Louisville, KY 40213

Working at preaching requires preaching.

Preaching opportunities will begin on Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m. Additional times may be available in the future.

Interested individuals should submit an application by clicking the link below



About the Mentor:

Pastor Hopson Boutot is the founder of the Pulpit Project. He is pursuing a PhD in Christian Preaching at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and has been shepherding Belmar Baptist Church for almost 2 years.

The idea for the Pulpit Project came during a PhD seminar at SBTS when preaching students began discussing the lack of experience many seminary graduates have in actually preaching the Word of God.

Hopson was blessed to be mentored by the pastor of his home church and would love to impart some of what he has learned to other faithful men of God. His vision is to preach and train the next generation of preachers.


More Questions?

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What’s Next?

Complete the application above. You will be contacted shortly afterwards to schedule your preaching opportunity.

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