If you feel called to be part of Belmar’s mission on a deeper level, we encourage you to consider our pastoral internship.

The purpose of this internship is threefold. First, it is informational—designed to help you better understand the calling and responsibility of pastoral ministry. Second, it is practical—providing frequent opportunities to test your ministry preparedness by observing and engaging in pastoral ministry. Third, it is transformational—designed to strengthen your dependence on the Word of God, resulting in deeper assurance and worship that is more heartfelt. The pastoral internship at Belmar Baptist is designed to be particularly unique in its aim to present pastoral ministry within the context of church revitalization.

There are five potential benefits in considering this internship:

  1. First, the benefit of a supportive and loving environment of a local church that assumes responsibility for the care, training, and education of the intern.
  2. Second, the receiving of practical understanding and training for the essential areas of pastoral ministry within the local church.
  3. Third, gaining an official church position approved by the church that can go on a resume reflecting ministry experience.
  4. Fourth, the opportunity for a local congregation to affirm an individual’s gifts and calling.
  5. Fifth, exposure to a pastor’s daily schedule to help an individual evaluate the pastoral nature of their calling.

Contact us for more details.

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